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New Life Foundation (NLF) is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization located in suburban Washington, D.C. Founded in 2011, NLF has been providing opportunity for musical instruction and outreach performance for students located in the Washington, D.C. area. Activities for Washington, D.C. students are funded entirely through semester fees. The generous support of donors has enabled NLF to extend their efforts to orphans in South Korea.

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Proceeds from the 'Give a Chance, Make a Dream' concert benefit orphans in South Korea hoping to pursue their musical dreams. This concert continues a journey for Korean orphans that began in 2012 when the sponsor organization, New Life Foundation (NLF), traveled to South Korea to conduct a music camp for the orphans and include them in community performances.

Summer 2012
New Life Foundation Youth (NLF) Orchestra and Choir traveled to South Korea. Their trip included a summer music camp and competition for Korean orphans. The Korean team performed with NLF members for 3 days of community performances.
NLF instructors traveled to South Korea twice (February, July) for camps and concerts with the Korean team of orphans.

Thanks to generous donations, 10 Korean orphans traveled to the US to participate in a music camp and community concert with the US orchestras and choir.
For a second year, NLF instructors traveled to South Korea twice (February, May) for camps and a competition with the Korean team of orphans.

The Journey Continues
NLF started a journey of musical development with the Korean Team of orphans. Their hope is to continue this journey in the future. Our concert is our way of supporting NLF, and through them, the Korean orphans. We hope our performance will inspire others to support this journey and enable the orphans to continue their dream of musical excellence.

Your support is needed and can bring hope to many children.